Written for Elijah


Space in the car, where the car seat should be,

Space in the bed, where you’d lie next to me,

Space on my lips, wanting your kiss,

Space in my arms for the cuddles I’ll miss,

Space in the air, absent of cries,

No Space in my mind, too full of goodbyes.


I Will Stand Firm

I will stand firm to halt the break of day,

No bird will fly, no child will play,

I will anger the gods so you understand,

You were wrong to steal from a mothers hand.

I will fight your army, Death, you callous thief,

Face me on the battlefield of grief,

My weapons may be simple just my heart and my head,

I will sacrifice both, now he is dead.

Give him back to me is my battle cry,

You will answer to me when I look in your eye,

I will make you see it will never be fine,

You took him away but he was mine, mine, mine.



I cradle you in tranquil sleep,

embracing as I grieve,

my lullaby is softly sung,

last song before you leave.

My fingers seek to hold your face,

so softly with despair,

Each little breath is precious now,

We have so few to share.

I’ve never seen your eyes, my love,

but seem to know your heart,

your fading lips are waiting now,

last kiss before we part.

With vain hopes, I keep you close,

to guard against the cold,

no longer dwelling on this earth,

Too pure to ever grow old.


Beauty Lost

True beauty lives no longer,

in the darkness of each day,

the heavens hide your smile above,

too short, too brief your stay.

You were my sunrise and my sunset,

the chorus of my dawn,

the breaking day now silent,

as the singing birds all mourn,

and Kings may walk this earth my Prince,

but you still rule my heart,

Through summer, winter, autumn, spring,

From end of days till start.


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