Stone of sorrow

As I was putting together my poetry to include on this blog (you can find them under the Written for Elijah page), I came across a card a friend sent to me after Elijah died.

I remember when I opened the envelope to find a beautiful, shiny fake diamond. I picked it up & thought “oh, a paperweight maybe?” Then I read the card attached and the story was so touching that I’m sharing it with you.

It goes like this…

Jim is eight years old and lives in a small, boring town. His father has passed away recently but comes back in Jim’s fantasies to tell him all about his adventures in the afterlife. He also introduces him to “kola vippen”, the incarnation of death, who is a middle aged man riding a vespa 🙂

Kola vippen visits people who have lost someone and with a big wrench-like tool, removes the huge heavy black stone they carry in their chest. The black stone is their sorrow. He cracks open the stone of sorrow and inside is a smaller, sparkling stone and it is shining brightly. Kola vippen puts that stone back into the person. It’s what’s left of the sorrow once the anger and bitterness has gone.

It lights you up from inside.

My friend said that she was giving me my shining stone for when my black stone of sorrow finally cracks open.

The story is from a Swedish childrens movie called “Jim & the pirates” and I’m going to find a copy and watch it with my toddler. Not right now, because my black stone isn’t ready to shine yet but one day, when it is, its nice to know that Swedish pirates helped me get there.