I Carved Your Name

Written by Elijahs mummy

Cold majesty to freeze my heart,
The silent beauty calms,
Wispy white to mark the day,
You left my loving arms.

A fallen tree, my fallen child,
a thousand tears I’ve cried,
and as the snow fell gently down,
I carved your name with pride.

Elijah Swan 19-20 July 2012


One Perfect Day

Written for Elijah…I wish I could have just one day.


Croissants and bacon,

a big coffee too,

just like your Father,

in all that you do.

You’re home for the weekend,

your life such a whirl,

“Mum”, you say softly,

“I’ve met a great girl”.

Jump to the wedding,

I’m over the moon,

My boy’s getting married,

Grandchildren soon!

Your friends are all gathered,

they’re funny and loud,

you’re incredibly handsome,

I’m incredibly proud.

Now it’s the speeches,

the Best Man so droll,

I can see you adore her,

in heart and in soul.

Then we are dancing,

you, a married man,

I hold you so tightly,

for now, while I can.

I look in your eyes,

“I love you”, I say,

Thank you my darling,

for One Perfect Day.