That’s the number of ladies who made me cry today.

Not just a few tears but the sliding down the wall sort of sobbing cry. In fact, I’m still sat on the floor, writing this now.

I just received a card in the post. Written inside are some beautiful words and an email address and a password. “Oh that’s interesting” I thought. I clicked the details into my computer and this is what I saw…

and there was a next page and a next….

All of those lines contain the names of people who have put money into an account in memory of Eljah. 43 names in total and I’ve never met 42 of them in person.

I am warmed by this incredible gesture made by an online group of wonderful mums.

We may live in a world where people sometimes fight and deliberately hurt others but we also live in a world where 42 people cared enough about someone they have never met, that they did something in memory of a tiny little boy who never got the chance to live in their world.

Thank you beautiful ladies. Your compassion has truly humbled me.

I may never stop crying.