Moments of Life and Death

It’s been a while but I feel the need to write now, as today marks the one year anniversary of holding Elijah in my arms as he passed away.

Much has happened since my last post, especially the birth of Elijahs brother, Isaac. Our rainbow baby. Our hope. My little ray of sunshine that warms and comforts me on this tough anniversary date.

One year without my beautiful boy, Elijah. One shattering, life changing year. I have lived moments no Mother should ever have to see.

Moments of Life and Death.

I have witnessed as my body brought forth both.

I have had to hand my child’s body to a stranger and walk away, knowing I would never touch his skin again.

I have felt consuming, overwhelming love for a fragile little soul, who will never walk this earth by my side.

I have had mere moments to fill with a lifetime of love.

I have had to say Goodbye.

I have grieved. Above all else, I have grieved. For what could have been and should have been. For what was owed and what was taken. What was taken is so staggering, that I sometimes wondered if I could remain. How could I remain, knowing that my love was not enough to save him.

I have survived horror and been blessed with beauty.

I have gone from weeping with sadness over a tiny, white coffin to weeping with hope over the new life inside of me.

I have lived in that space between grief and hope.

One year without him.

I am still there.

3 thoughts on “Moments of Life and Death

  1. ,<3 lots of love and ((hugs)) sent your way…..A tough year for sure and there will be more tough days ahead and the grieving will never end just get different 😦 I wish no parent had to endure this kind of pain. I't's so unfair and wrong, we shouldn't have to bury or cremate our baby/child/children ever! Wishing you all the happiness possible and the strength needed for each day. Congrats on your rainbow, Isaac, and I'm happy your once empty arms are now filled with his presence and he can bring you hope and smiles πŸ™‚ Happy 1 year angelversary Elijah!! Always in our hearts ❀ and never forgotten.xxxxxxxx

  2. Hello,

    We have been through the same so all your thoughts here were hauntingly familiar. Especially the tiny white coffin. That’s something I can never forget.

    So glad you have Isaac for comfort. Our first son was such a source of strength for us.

    Oddly – Our little one Lucas was almost called Elijah!

    All our thoughts are with you.

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