Walking the path with Nemo

Over the last few days, I’ve become obsessed with a quote from the movie “The Matrix”.
Later today we go for our 20 week pregnancy scan to check if our little “Nemo” is ok. In fact, due to a set of unusual circumstances, our scan will be taking place 8 months after the day (almost to the minute!) that we held Elijah in our arms for the final time and said goodbye.
So back to the quote.
In the movie, Niobe gives up her ship to Neo so he can fulfil his prophecy and stop the machines. Everyone is surprised since she is a non-believer. However, she does believe in Neo, his ability and the possibility that he might just make a difference and save all of their lives. After giving her ship away, she says…
“Two ships. Two directions. Sounds like providence doesn’t it Morpheus?”
I thought about changing the date & time of the scan. Is this too strange? What does it mean? Is it providence that we find out if Nemo is thriving at the exact moment when we lost Elijah? Is the timing a bad or good omen…I swing from one to the other. Maybe it is, as my husband says, “just numbers babe”.
I don’t know but I know I’m scared.
As Morpheus said “there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”. I’m scared to face whatever future the scan holds for us because good or bad, what happened 8 months ago, can’t ever be changed, erased or “reloaded” like the Matrix.
Two babies. Two directions?
Please let life and my arms be your direction little Nemo but whatever happens, we are walking this path together.

2 thoughts on “Walking the path with Nemo

  1. It’s a good sign – your scan was ‘meant’ to be on this day at this time. It’s Elijahs little gift to you 🙂 I can’t wait to hear how fantastic the scan was xxxxxx hugs to you all xxx

  2. (((hugs))) and I hope all good news. I can imagine how hard that must be, the first year of milestones always is and the time of the scan being Elijah’s 8 month exactly has to be extremely difficult and weird of all the times it’s that time? Maybe a sign maybe a moment that is sad will also be a moment of happiness as you see “Nemo” swimming and everything is ok and you can smile 🙂 but like you said and struck a cord, whatever happens we are walking this path together ❤

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