Justice for Elijah

They say that justice is blind.

Today, I sent our complaint to the GMC. I hope they have their eyes wide open…

“It’s every man’s business to see justice done” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Following my conversation with your telephone advisor, XXX, this morning, please find details attached of my complaint against Mr XXXX.

I strongly request that he is suspended from duty immediately, pending a full investigation into his fitness to practice. The lives of both mothers and babies being currently admitted onto the labour ward are being put at serious risk until he is removed.

My son, Elijah Swan, was born on the 19th July 2012 and died in the Trevor Mann Unit, Royal Sussex Hospital on 20th July 2012.

Serious failings by Mr XXXX on the day of his birth, led to Elijah being starved of oxygen and ultimately his death.

The hospital medical investigation (copy attached) has recommended that Mr XXXX be referred to the hospital Obstetrics lead for a conversation about decision making and communication. I feel that this is not a satisfactory outcome and that the death of our child and the seriousness of Mr XXXX failings, his lack of attention and his disregard for established maternity policy require much more drastic action.

In brief:

Mr XXXX failed to follow established maternity policy of cancelling or postponing all elective C Sections when the Unit is declared to be in an emergency situation. On the 19th July 2012, just after we were admitted, the Unit was closed and all patients diverted to PRH. At this point all electives should have been cancelled to allow for capacity to deal with emergencies.

Mr XXXX failed to follow established maternity policy of delivering me within 30 minutes of being declared an emergency (immediate threat to life of mother or baby). It was 2 hours before I was taken down to theatre.

Mr XXXX behaviour on 19th of July 2012 is incomprehensible to us and we believe there is no rational explanation for it. We expect an investigation to determine the cause.

Despite the delivery suite being in a declared emergency state, Mr XXXX was difficult to contact by staff and he has failed to provide a satisfactory explanation to the medical investigation team as to his behaviour/whereabouts on that day. He was found wandering around the labour ward and also wandering around the reception area. This behaviour is not acceptable, when senior staff have requested his assistance at an emergency.

Mr XXXX failed to physically assess my status, despite requests from several senior members of staff.

Mr XXXXs registrar lied about me receiving a CTG scan.

Mr XXXX falsely communicated to other RSH staff that I was already in theatre, when I was not.

Please give this complaint your most urgent attention. I may add to this complaint if any other information arises during the final stages of the hospital medical investigation.

For your information, I have also sent a copy of this complaint to the Obstetrics Medical Director, The Hospital Chief Executive, the hospital Medical Investigator and the Deputy Head of Midwives.


N J Swan


5 thoughts on “Justice for Elijah

  1. That’s an incredibly articulate and well put together letter Nicky especially considering the difficult contents. I hope you get him!!?
    Your amazing strength will see you guys through xx

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