I Heart You

When I started this blog, just over 3 weeks ago, the intention was to create a sort of diary for Gabriel, our almost 3 year old boy. In the future, when he learns more about what happened on that awful day in July, he might find it helpful to read this. It might help him understand what his parents went through and why his mother refuses to let him leave home 😉

I thought that a few friends and family might read it. I thought that maybe a few bereaved parents might take comfort from it.

So far, my blog has been read over 6,000 times across 36 countries. I’ve had to look some of the countries up on Wiki! Benin, I now know, is a country in Africa. Hi to everyone reading in Benin.

Along with improving my geography, your support has got me through those dark days when I feel that all hope is lost and I’m so incredibly lonely without my baby boy.

My days will now always be filled with what could have been and what should have been and also, you. Reading and holding my hand on my journey to healing.

I hope you keep travelling with me.

I Heart You.



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