Seashore of Remembrance

After yesterdays terrible hospital revelations, today began as a very dark day for me.

Then I opened this email…

Dear Nicola,

Thank you so much for your generosity in supporting Christian’s Legacy.
Please find your Sunset for Elijah attached.
We wish you peace and healing.
With love and gratitude,

Carly and Sam Dudley

and this was attached to the email

Perth, Western Australia

After losing her son, Christian, in 2007, Carly Marie decided she wanted to do something to help others heal from loss. She creates names in the sand at sunset on a beach in Perth, Australia.

It’s called the Seashore of Remembrance.

Its beauty lifted my spirits on a very difficult day.

Thank you Carly Marie for helping me find some strength to get through today.



5 thoughts on “Seashore of Remembrance

  1. I love it a beautiful name in the sand with a beautiful sunset 🙂 I found out months ago about Carly and also plan on doing that in memory of Chase.

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