Skin Deep Beauty

I’ll admit I’m not the cleanest of people.

I pick my nose (come on, we ALL do it). I try and vacuum as little as possible and you really don’t want to look under my sofa.

However, the one thing I draw the line at is dropping litter. It’s on my top ten list of things I hate most in the world. I hate it more than I hate movies when the dog dies.

Earlier today, I was driving on the A27 to Worthing, when someone in the car in front of me, rolled down the window and casually threw a piece of litter onto the road. Regardless of the fact that it hit my windscreen, it’s simply disgusting and I just don’t understand it.


I immediately gave them the benefit of the doubt as I thought “maybe they have a kid in the back who did it” hoping that as I drove past, I would see the parent angrily berating their child.


No kids in the car. In fact, no-one else in the car apart from this

ok, she wasn’t exactly Jabba. To be honest, she looked more like this

but the minute you throw litter from your car, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are on the outside, you will always look like this to me

Take your damn litter home you smelly squid face.


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