Wot is the world cumin 2?

For most of my life, I’ve been a closet nerd.

I might have appeared to most who don’t know me to be the heavy drinking, flirty, flighty, Essex tart-with-a-heart kind of girl, but secretly I care about really nerdy things. Things like the space elevator, World of Warcraft (I was a level 70 warlock you know) and Star Trek.

I care a LOT about Star Trek and Star Wars.

I was planning to go to a Halloween party at the weekend dressed as Darth Vader, because secretly I love him.

Dark & brooding…you know you love him

The other thing I secretly really care about is spelling. I have a thing about it. A BIG thing. Wot instead of what, makes me go slightly insane. I hate it more than I hate Romulans.

faces only a mother could love

So when we took Gabey to the Brighton Sea Life centre, my head nearly exploded when I saw this…

Japenese? What the…..

Apparently Giant Japenese Spider Crabs come from the Japenese Islands. Argh…

and it went on….

Have you spotted it?

and on…

I’m hyperventilating just reading this

I know. You are probably thinking “so what? Get a life Nicky”, which is exactly what Tim thought, as he told me to “stop taking bloody photos of signs and just watch the damn fish”.

I get it. I know it’s nerdy but it’s just so annoying. On a serious note, they have spent £3 million on refurbishment and they can’t spell Japanese properly?

WTF? Or should I say Wot the Fook? 🙂

Plus, these are EDUCATIONAL signs that children are reading…sigh. It’s becoming more and more common to see bad spelling everywhere. I see newspaper headlines written on big boards, outside shops, with spelling mistakes. Tim has to hold me back as I scream “Did you see that? Did you SEE that?” as he drives us quickly past, sighing with embarrassment.

Is it only me who cares? Will Gabey be writing me letters with “Wot U bin up to L8lee Mum?” written inside?

Jean-Luc gets it

Is this the future of our language? I hope not. I just wish people would check carefully before putting signs with spelling mistakes where I can see them! It’s not good for my heart! Despite the health implications, I’m not going to stop going to the Sea Life centre, because even though they can’t spell Japan, we get to do this…

I bet the Japenese would love this!

5 thoughts on “Wot is the world cumin 2?

  1. ‘wot the fook’ made me laugh out loud. I get really cross when the newsletters Grace brings home from day care are full of mistakes. Surely spell-check or proof reading isn’t too much to ask? I’m dyslexic so Sam reads all my blog posts before I publish… I hate making mistakes x

  2. Austalia? Phillipenes? Good grief, Nicky! I SOOO agree with you. And I HATE apostrophes littered about on market stalls like so many rotten bananas!

  3. Jean-Luc never made a typo in his fooking life!
    Fook is spoken like LOOK, Fuck is a whole other story..
    Nice to meet you! Followed you from Sunny Side Up!

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