I couldn’t let today’s 3 month anniversary go by without doing what I do now & it feels quite appropriate on this grey & rainy day in Brighton.

For Elijah. Written by his mummy.


“Farewell sun” said the Autumn rain,
as the flooding came to wash away her pain,
but summer sun felt sad to go,
He wanted to help her with his golden glow,
“Hang on, just wait” said the summer sun,
“It’s still my turn,  I’m not quite done”.
He tried to warm her but his strength was spent,
He’d lost all hope on the day love went,
The rain was harsh & wouldn’t cease,
and the sun was worried she would never find peace,
It’s easy to forget when the days are warm,
It’s harder to forgive in the dark of a storm,
and as sun left her, cold & numb,
he prayed for her soon Spring would come.



3 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Nicky, that was absolutely beautiful. I dont know if you had this all along, to do what you do now, but I believe it was Elijah’s gift to show it to you. This is amazing sweetie.

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